Most Important Meal of the Day: Enjoy Breakfast at Delray Beach Market

Breakfast at Delray Beach Marketing. Breakfast,  the meal that breaks the fasting period while you sleep, is indeed the most important meal of the day. 

Not only does it kick-start your metabolism, but it also replenishes your glucose reserves, boosts your energy and alertness, and provides nutrients necessary for overall health.

Plus, breakfast is delicious! Lucky for you, Delray Beach Market is serving up breakfast daily — so go ahead, break the fast in style!

Get Up and Go

Picture this: you’re awake. You’re hungry. But what should you eat?

Sure, you could pour a bowl of cereal like a jerk. But here’s a much better idea: hit up Delray Beach market’s Mornings At the Market!

This daily event features dining options from select vendors from 9-11 a.m. 

Breakfast at Delray Beach Market: Here’s Where to Go

Every day, we’ve got coffee & breakfast treats from Modern Rose, as well as deli-style breakfast sandwiches and other goodies from Big T’s Delicatessen. 

Note: Between 9 and 11 a.m., guests are asked to use the North Entrance (closest to Atlantic Ave). The inside north seating areas will be open. Additional vendors open at 11 a.m.

Now that you’re inside, head to one of these vendors right away…

Big T’s Delicatessen

When you’re here, you’re family! At family-owned and operated Big T’s Delicatessen, that’s not just a tagline — it’s a way of life. Big T’s is a classic NYC-style deli offering traditional and specialty sandwiches using top-notch ingredients, including meats imported from Italy and artisan bread from NYC’s famed Sullivan Street Bakery and H&H Bagels.  

Delicious breakfast sandwiches abound on the menu, including the Brooklyn Beauty, a masterpiece composed of egg, corned beef or pastrami, swiss, and spicy mustard on a roll or bagel. 

Woke up late? Don’t despair. The Big T’s breakfast menu is available all day, until 8 p.m.

The Modern Rose

One of the true gems of the market, The Modern Rose is a creative and lively cafe featuring locally roasted coffee, tea, and homemade juices. 

The menu features Argentine-style empanadas, avocado toasts, vegan and gluten-free menu options, and a variety of pastries. 

Looking for something healthy? The Health Nut is a breakfast dish composed of toasty Ezekiel bread, almond butter, chia, berries, banana, coconut, and cacao. 

Or, for a grown-up take on a nostalgic favorite, go for the Classic PB&J, featuring brioche loaf with creamy peanut butter and luscious raspberry reserves. 

The coffee offerings are creative at The Modern Rose, with options like their Lavender Latte, Almond Joy Latte, or Rose Cappuccino. Tea, creative non-caffeinated drinks, boba creations, and juices round out the menu. 

Things to Know About Delray Beach Market

Start The Day Right at Delray Beach Market

Whether you’re craving a healthy juice or a decadent breakfast sandwich, Delray Beach Market is the perfect breakfast destination.

We’re delighted to have these creative breakfast offerings available so you can start the day right!

Remember: not all of our entrances are open in the morning. Between 9 and 11 a.m., guests are asked to use the North Entrance (closest to Atlantic Ave). The inside north seating areas will be open. Additional vendors open at 11 a.m.

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What breakfast item caught your attention? We hope to see you soon for an a.m. treat at Delray Beach Market!