8 Unique Foods to Try at Delray Beach Market

Ready for something new? Delray Beach Market is Florida’s latest foodie destination, and we’ve got plenty of new flavors for you to savor. Here are 8 Unique Foods to Try at Delray Beach Market !

Our eclectic vendor list includes plant-based food purveyors, avocado enthusiasts, and the most delicious and creative desserts you’ve ever tried! 

Here are some of the creative and unique dishes you can try at Delray Beach Market:

8 Unique Foods to Try at Delray Beach Market 


  1. Plant-based truffle almond “parm” fries. Roots offers a variety of creative plant-based dishes that will please plant-based peeps and meat-eaters alike. A variety of small plates, salads, and meals are all prepared in a completely meat-free facility. One of the standout menu items? Completely plant-based truffle almond “parm” fries. Tasting is believing!

  2. Ice cream that’s the stuff of dreams. If you’ve never sampled Bona Bona’s offerings, then you’re truly in for a treat. Not only is their ever-rotating list of flavors unlike anything you’ve ever seen, with flavors like Nutella S’mores, Roasted Pistachio, Holy Cannoli, and Vegan Banana Peanut Butter, but there are plenty of other creative dessert options too. Feast on an Italian Rainbow cookie ice cream sandwich, or opt for a decadent sundae like the Burnt Banana Split, featuring charred banana, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter sauce, and whipped cream.
  3. Everything avocado! Guaca Go describes itself as a “purveyor of fresh, made-to-order guacamole bowls.” But truthfully, it’s a place to worship everything avocado! This health-forward producer features a variety of creative avocado concoctions, including their signature guacamole, guac bowls, salads, avocado toast, and yes — even avocado smoothies!
  4. Fresh, sustainable seafood. Enjoying fresh seafood in Florida is a truly inimitable experience. See for yourself how vibrant and flavorful sustainable seafood can be at Delray Beach Market’s Tip to Tail. Featuring sustainably and responsibly sourced fish, this establishment features a retail fish market as well as a raw bar and prepared seafood dishes. If you’re looking for the finest Florida fin fish and Northeast shellfish, look no further! 
  5. Napoleon Dynamite tacos. Vote For Pedro is probably the most interesting taqueria you’ll ever visit! Originally from New York City, this establishment pairs a traditional Mexican taqueria experience with unique and innovative twists on classic dishes. While you’ll find traditional offerings like carnitas and fish tacos on the menu, you’ll also find unexpected items like BBQ jackfruit tacos and the “Napoleon Dynamite” tacos — a mouthwatering mix of grilled chihuahua cheese and Mexican cheese with grilled onion.
  6. Modern Indian food. At Tiffin Box, you can enjoy all of the vibrant flavors of Indian food in a format that’s as convenient and quick as getting a build-your-own burrito. Tiffin Box allows you to choose from bases, proteins, and sides to create a bowl or wrap featuring all of your favorite flavors. You may not be able to fit the whole world in your hands, but you can easily hold a spicy chicken wrap with tomato chutney and more!
  7. Southern food with a twist. County Line Fried Chicken offers a variety of Southern classic dishes that are bound to please your cravings for comfort food while also satisfying your inner foodie. At the center of the menu is free-range fried chicken brined for 36 hours before being dredged in seasoned, stone-ground flour and being deep-fried in pure oils. But that’s not all. County Line also features mouthwatering southern sides and decadent desserts including the famed Kentucky Derby-Pie and Key Lime tarts.


Ready To Try Something New?

Is your mouth watering? Better head to Delray Beach Market! Our vendors are excited to share their creative, delicious, and unique offerings with you. The hardest part is choosing what to try first…


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