Have a Foodie Adventure at Delray Beach Market

Let’s face it, having a foodie adventure has been tough lately. : dining with a crowd can be tough. Everyone has different preferences, appetites, and dietary restrictions. It can make dining out a maddening prospect…


Happily, Delray Beach Market is the perfect place to have a foodie adventure that pleases any and every palate.


Our eclectic roster of vendors includes a variety of food types and styles, including plant-based options, healthy fare, and decadent establishments that will satisfy cheat-day dreams.


Our open-format establishment makes it easy for a group to choose food at different establishments and dine together in one of the many shared seating areas. That means everyone can choose their own adventure yet still enjoy a companionable meal together! 


Here are just a few different directions your foodie adventure could take at Delray Beach Market: 

Seeking Plant-Based Paradise…

For those who adhere to a plant-based diet or just want to keep it on the healthy side, Roots is a must-visit establishment.


They offer a variety of creative and delicious plant-based dishes that will delight the vegetarian and vegan set, but will satisfy even meat-eaters. 


One popular menu item? Plant-based truffle almond “parm” fries. You’ve never tried fries quite like this — they’re crispy on the outside and perfectly seasoned with an umami-rich melange of ingredients that are unlike any other flavor you’ve tried before.

Gimme the Sweets, Please! 


Some people prefer to bypass dinner in favor of dessert first. Hey, no judgment! We’ve got you covered with Bona Bona, an ice cream establishment that is truly the stuff of dreams.


This is not your childhood soft-serve ice cream stand. This is ice cream artistry at work, featuring an unexpected yet delicious roster of flavors including Nutella S’mores, Roasted Pistachio, Holy Cannoli, and Vegan Banana Peanut Butter.


Ice cream by the cup or cone isn’t the only option at Bona Bona. You can also nab ice cream sandwiches bookended with Italian rainbow cookies, or go for a real home run with a decadent sundae. One particularly alluring specimen? The Burnt Banana Split, a fancied-up version of the nostalgic classic, featuring charred banana, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter sauce, and whipped cream.  

Avocado Or Nothing! 


Do you love avocados? No … Do you really, really love avocados? Happily, there’s a home for you at Delray Beach Market. Its name is Guaca Go.


Self-described as “a purveyor of fresh, made-to-order guacamole bowls,” Guaca Go is truly an altar to the mighty avocado.


This healthy and fresh establishment offers a huge variety of avocado-rich creations, from signature guacamole to guac bowls to salads (with avocado, natch) to avocado toast and even sweet creations like avocado smoothies. Avocado is a fruit, after all…

What Arrr You Craving?


You may not be able to live out your pirate fantasy or your desire to sail around the world. But you can eat like you’re living on the ocean at Tip to Tail. This is Delray Beach Market’s sustainable seafood vendor, which features sustainably and responsibly sourced fish.


You’ll find a retail market, a raw bar, and a counter featuring prepared seafood dishes. This is definitely a must-visit if you’re looking for the finest Florida fish and Northeast shellfish!  

Let’s Taco Bout This…


If you love Mexican food but want to try something a little different, you’re gonna love Vote For Pedro.


It’s a taqueria unlike any other, which has a classic vibe but a creative and sometimes slightly offbeat (in a good way) menu. You’ll find a mix of classic offerings like fish tacos and carnitas … But for adventurous eaters, there’s always something new to try. 


One item to try? The “Napoleon Dynamite” tacos — a flavor explosion featuring grilled chihuahua cheese and Mexican cheese and plenty of yummy grilled onion.

There’s So Much More…


These are just a few of the many vendors you’ll find at Delray Beach Market. You’ll also find modern Indian food at Tiffin Box, stick-to-your-ribs southern fare at County Line Fried Chicken, and so much more. Check out our full list of vendors here.


Ready For a Foodie Adventure?

Come on … Bring the whole crew! We’ve got a flavor to satisfy any and every appetite at Delray Beach Market, and we can’t wait to see you.


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