Not Just Food! Shopping at Delray Beach Market

Shopping at Delray Beach Market

Delray Beach Market has quickly established itself as a foodie destination. 

But there’s actually a whole lot more than food to enjoy at the Market… like shopping at Delray Beach Market !

A cursory visit to our website or Instagram feed reveals that our space is truly unlike any other. It’s less a food hall and more an all-day destination! Go ahead — work up an appetite by shopping at one of our fine vendors. Or, take a post-meal stroll around our shops! 

Ready to start shopping at Delray Beach Market til you drop? Here’s where you can go shopping at Delray Beach Market…

Nomad Surf Club 

Family-owned Nomad Surf Club has been outfitting people for the beach since 1968. It was founded by Ron Heavyside and Beth Heavyside. These days, the popular shop is run by their two sons, Ronnie and Ryan.

Since it was founded 50+ years ago, the shop has grown from a miniscule 75-foot space to a 5,000 square foot emporium for surf-friendly shopping. Nomad specializes in building custom surfboards and also offers pre-made surfboards and paddle boards. They also carry clothing — men’s, women’s, and children’s — including bathing suits, sandals, and sundries. 

That’s not all! Nomad also offers private surf lessons and camps for all ages. Surf’s up! 

Joyful Blooms 

This isn’t your average flower shop. Joyful Blooms elevates floral arrangement to a high art. They create contemporary designs for artistic, color-loving individuals who like to think outside of the box and also enjoy beautiful, thoughtful gifts.

Blending flowers, nature, art, and fashion together to create one-of-a-kind works of floral art. 

But it doesn’t stop at flowers! Joyful Blooms also supports other artists by showcasing their work in the space. You’ll find candles, jewelry, and planters too! It’s the perfect place to find gifts … or grab something for yourself!

joyful bloom


Selphf is the place to invest in self-care. They’re dedicated to empowering guests through positivity, affirmations, and beautiful, healthy skin.

Featuring a line of products that run more than just skin-deep, Selphf skin care is natural, effective, and made with real ingredients. It’s all delivered with a powerful message of self-love!  

The line was borne out of necessity for the people the founders, Briah Duncan and her husband Adly, love most — their families and themselves. 

Having a niece with eczema, an aunt with very sensitive skin, and a mother who suffers from body aches, they were motivated to create products to help foster a better sense of well-being. 

With backgrounds in mental health and a desire to help people heal from the inside out, the founders of Selphf welcome you to come visit and take care of your beautiful self! 

selph soap

So Much More…

In addition to these shops, we also have several food vendors featuring markets where you can shop for ingredients or pantry items. 

We’ve also got space for events both large and small. If you’re looking for a space for your next gathering, we’ve got space to accommodate all types of groups.

Want to learn more? Inquire about a community gathering here. Interested in hosting a private event? Find out more here.

Shopping at Delray Beach Market Til You Drop! 

The world is reopening … What better way to celebrate than with a proper shopping spree? 

 There’s plenty to browse and see at Delray Beach Market. Come to eat, and stay to shop — or vice versa! We can’t wait to see you. 

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Have you experienced shopping at Delray Beach Market yet? What’s your favorite shop?