IncrediBowl is a real chef’s take on the exploding meal in a bowl restaurant. When you want fast, healthy, freshly prepared food made with love and care, we are the place to be. Enjoy our mouthwatering, grilled to order grass fed steaks, “never ever” chicken, wild local shrimp, or go plant based with sweet and smoky tofu paired with farm fresh vegetables and your choice of healthy whole grain brown rice, vitamin packed crisp greens, or go low carb with our seasoned cauliflower rice. Then top it all off with one of our signature house-made sauces to really kick up the flavor. Go with the convenience of one of our perfectly balanced chef-created bowls or be the chef yourself and create your own bowl. With all that we have to offer the possibilities are endless! Healthy eating can be easy, delicious, and fun at IncrediBowl.