Get Your Italian Food at Delray Beach Market !

Italian food is truly one of life’s great pleasures. If you’re craving the fresh, vibrant flavors of Italy but don’t have the time or means to actually make a jaunt to Europe, you’re in luck — Delray Beach Market has all your Italian favorites right here in Florida. 

Visitors can score Italian fare at several of Delray Beach Market’s high-quality vendors. Whether it’s pasta, pizza, pastry, or something else you’re craving, here’s where to get your Italian fix at Delray Beach Market: 

The Cellar & Pantry 

The Cellar and Pantry is Delray Beach Market’s resident wine, cheese, and charcuterie bar. The unique space features a generous retail selection of prepared foods and pantry items, including alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, gourmet accessories, and delicious food items.  


Recent offerings have included Italian specialties like Salame di Manzo (100% Waygu Beef Salami), Pecorino Toscano (sheep’s milk from Tuscany), and Calabrian semi-dried tomatoes. 


Of course, Italian fare isn’t the only stuff you can score at The Cellar & Pantry — they also have specialties from around the globe.


Don’t miss the classes at The Cellar & Pantry — they frequently offer classes like an upcoming wine and cheese pairing course. After all, what kind of self-respecting Italian food lover doesn’t know how to pair wine with cheese? 

Salvo’s Pizzeria 

The slices may be New York City-style, but all roads lead back to the old country, don’t they? 

Salvo’s Pizzeria is the perfect spot to pick up a traditional Italian-American slice. 


Salvo’s is unique in that it combines NYC style and Sicilian heritage. The results are mouthwatering…


Pick up a hand-tossed slice or grab an entire pie. They’ve got New York-style pizza plus 

Sicilian slices and Southern Italian-style pies. 


Best of all, Salvo’s is open when you’re hungry. They stay open later than many of our vendors, so if you’re hitting up our late happy hour, they’ve got slices ready to go! 

Sorella’s Pasta 

Italy and pasta are practically synonymous. Get the best pasta in the area at Sorella’s Pasta!


This unique shop offers pasta with a twist. The flavors and recipes are authentic and traditional, but the approach is different. You can purchase fresh pasta or opt to build your own pasta. No matter what you pick, it’s all expertly prepared by master pasta maker Austreberta Mercado. He’s got years and years’ worth of experience in kitchens from NYC to South Florida … You’ve gotta taste his wares for yourself!  

Bona Bona

Have you ever tried an Italian rainbow cookie? If so, you know how special they are. If not, it’s time to change that! Better yet, try it in ice cream form. Bona Bona offers Italian Rainbow Cookie ice cream as well as Italian Rainbow Cookie ice cream sandwiches. Don’t miss them! 

Get Your Italian Fix at Delray Beach Market 

Everyone loves Italian food. If you’re in Florida, Delray Beach Market is where you’ll find the best of the best! Come visit soon and see for yourself how delicious and authentic these Italian masterpieces taste. 


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