Healthy Eating at Delray Beach Market

We’ve gotta have a talk. The world is reopening, and that whole sweatpants n’ fast food takeaway look isn’t working anymore… it’s time for healthy eating !


Happily, Delray Beach Market has plenty of delicious and healthy food options available! 


Eating healthy doesn’t feel like a chore when you’ve got plenty of chef-forward creative global cuisine and plant-based specialties to choose from. 


We’ve got vegan and vegetarian options as well as healthy options for meat-eaters, too. 


Here are six ways to eat healthy at Delray Beach Market…

*Note: Vegan or vegetarian? When visiting vendors that are not 100% plant-based, always specify dietary restrictions to ensure the item you are ordering does not contain animal products.


5 Ways to Eat Healthy at Delray Beach Market

1. Order Just About Anything at Roots

It’s all vegan! Roots is Delray Beach Market’s 100% plant-based vendor. 


They serve a variety of small plates, salads, and meals that are prepared in a meat-free facility. But healthy doesn’t mean boring! One bite of their 100% plant-based truffle almond “parm” fries proves it…


2. Try a Rice Bowl at Guaca Go 

For a hearty yet healthy meal, try the rice bowls at Guaca Go. They feature a full avocado, served right out of the shell — fancied up with house seasonings and lime. You can nab it with unlimited toppings and your choice of chicken, carnitas, ahi tuna, or a plant-based protein. It’s all served on a bed of turmeric rice. Yum! 

guaca go

Of course, for a more traditional healthy option, Guaco go also has a delicious roster of salads…

FULL avocado served fresh out of the shell. Made with house seasonings & lime.


3. Sample Mediterranean Fare at Ferdos Grill

You’ve heard that Mediterranean food is good for the heart and body, right? At Ferdos Grill, it’s also good for the taste buds and the soul.

Ferdos offers a variety of healthy dishes on the menu, including classic salads like the Fattoush Salad, made with tomato, cucumber, onion, radish, pita, parsley, and house dressing, and the Tabouli Salad, made with cracked wheat, tomato, onion. Parsley, olive oil, and fresh lemon. They also have a delicious and hearty homemade crushed lentil soup. Oh, and to help digest? Be sure to get some Labneh, a delicious strained greek yogurt served with olive oil.  


4. Veggie-Forward Mexican Fare at Vote For Pedro

We need to taco bout your new favorite spot for healthy Mexican fare! 

Vote For Pedro is a restaurant unlike any other. Healthy eaters won’t want to miss the plant-based Jackfruit Veggie Tacos, featuring BBQ-style jackfruit with mango cabbage slaw. Or, go for the Peace Out Mex Salad, a delicious melange of roasted corn, black beans, tomato, red onion, romaine, cucumber, tortilla strips, and honey-lime dressing.


5. Hurry to IncrediBowl!

Fresh, healthy, and fast! IncrediBowl serves delicious meals in a bowl, including grilled-to-order grass-fed steaks, wild local shrimp, or plant-based edamame paired with farm-fresh vegetables. As your base, choose from healthy whole-grain rice, vitamin-rich crisp greens, sesame rice noodles, or cauliflower rice. 

Create your own bowl, or choose from one of the custom-made creations on the menu like the Yardbird, made with chargrilled chicken, cauliflower rice, black pepper broccoli, garlic mushrooms, avocado, and roasted garlic sauce.  


Ready to Eat Better? 

These are just five of the countless healthy options to explore at Delray Beach Market. There are many more to sample, from sushi at Tekka Bar to sustainable seafood at Tip to Tail…

But don’t take our word for it. Come sample all this healthy fare for yourself!

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