The Best Comfort Food at Delray Beach Market

Everyone needs a little comfort food from time to time. Delray Beach Market is here for you…


Our vendors offer an incredible selection of comfort foods to choose from. Whether it’s mac and cheese, burgers, or sweets that offer you the most comfort, we’ve got the dish for you!


While there are countless options for comfort food at the market, we’ll start with just five that you’ve got to try…

5 Must-Try Comfort Foods at Delray Beach Market 

1. Jumbo Bavarian Pretzel, Alpine 210


Brats reign supreme at Bavarian vendor Alpine 210. And they’ve got ‘em in abundance, with variations from classic Bavarian-style brats to creative curry and Cuban-inspired varieties. But when it comes to pure comfort food, you’ve gotta try their massive (and massively delicious) Jumbo Bavarian Pretzel. It’s served with sweet and spicy Bavarian mustard, and it’s bound to put you in a sweet carb coma of pure pleasure. 


2. Jerzee Breakfast Sandwich, Big T’s Delicatessen


IYKYK, right? Big T’s Delicatessen has the ultimate comfort food for those who may be missing the tri-state area. 


The Jerzee Breakfast sandwich features Case’s Pork Roll (imported straight from scenic Trenton, NJ), egg, and American cheese, on a Kaiser roll, bagel, or wrap. 


It’s a classic, and it’s available all day. Don’t miss this one! 

3. Fried Chicken, County Line Fried Chicken 

Fried chicken might just be the ultimate comfort food. County Line Fried Chicken’s beautiful birds might just spoil you for any future fried chicken experiences though … Theirs is truly the best! 


Choose from chicken by the piece to get the perfect cut to suit your preference — boneless or bone-in thighs, leg quarters, drumsticks, or chicken fingers. 


You can also choose from quarter or half-bird platters, or feed the whole family with a full chicken plus four sides. 


By the way, don’t miss the down-home Southern sides — mac and cheese, fried green tomatoes, and more are available to round out the comfort food experience. 

4. Bacon Cheeseburger, Dad’s Favorite Burgers & Pies 


The name says it all, doesn’t it? Bacon cheeseburgers are the ultimate comfort food— or is that cheat day delight? Maybe a little bit of both. 


At Dad’s Favorite Burgers & Pies, the bacon cheeseburger is a true thing of beauty. It starts with a quarter-pound of angus beef cooked to your liking, then paired with thick-cut bacon, American cheese, burger sauce, lettuce, onions, and pickles on a toasted challah bun.


Go ahead — personalize your burger with add-ons including avocado, fried egg, mushrooms, and more. And don’t forget to add fries and round out your meal with a slice of Chocolate PB Pie, a modern masterpiece made with Oreo cookie crust, peanut butter mousse, chocolate ganache, and Maldon salt.


5. Monster Cookies at Lovelee Bakeshop

What kind of comfort food list would this be without some sweets? Lovelee Bakeshop is the place to go for sweets like your mom made (but even better). 


If you’re really going for maximum comfort, go for the monster cookies! These babies are monstrous in size and scope, but the flavor is quite heavenly.


The flavors? A tasty roster including cookies and cream, red velvet white chocolate, and double chocolate peanut butter monster cookies. Better get a bigger glass of milk…

Didn’t See Your Favorite Comfort Food?

Of course, this list is far from extensive. We haven’t even gotten to Surry Co. Smoke House, Vote For Pedro, or any of the other tasty vendors at Delray Beach Market. So consider this comfort food list a mere starting point! 

Pair it With a Drink: Happy Hours Both Early and Late

Comfort food is a whole lot more comforting with a drink, right? Delray Beach Market has two happy hours — early happy hour from 3-6 p.m., then a later one from 9 p.m. through closing.


During these deeply happy hours, you can score 50% off drinks at Central Bar, Delray Craft, and The Mezz. What more could you ask for? 

Comfort & Coziness at Delray Beach Market

The weather may be near perfect in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get cozy with some comfort food! Delray Beach Market is the perfect spot to pick up your comfort food favorites, from pie to fries to fried chicken and beyond. 


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