Delray Beach Market Plant-Based Bliss

Livin’ la Vida vegan? Or, just looking for some healthy plant-based food options? Well Delray Beach Market Plant-Based options are sure to please your palette 

No matter what your motivation may be, Delray Beach Market is quickly becoming a destination for plant-based food lovers in Florida and beyond. 

Sure, we’ve got a dedicated plant-based food purveyor among our vendors, but that’s not the only option for delicious vegan fare at the Market. We’ve got vegan baked goods, ice cream, tacos, salads, and more! 

Here are six ways to attain plant-based bliss at Delray Beach Market:

*Note: When visiting vendors that are not 100% plant-based, always specify dietary restrictions to ensure the item you are ordering does not contain animal products.

6 Ways To Reach Nirvana Through Delray Beach Market Plant-Based Options

1. Visit Roots

Everything on the menu is vegan at Roots, Delray Beach Market’s dedicated plant-based vendor. A variety of small plates, salads, and meals are all prepared in a completely meat-free facility. A crowd favorite is definitely the 100% plant-based truffle almond “parm” fries.  

2. Sample Some Delray Beach Market Plant-Based Ice Cream at Bona Bona 

Bona Bona creates ice cream dreams … But it’s not just for dairy lovers. They have a robust menu of vegan flavors, too! 

The ever-rotating menu might include flavors like Vegan Banana Peanut Butter, Vegan Pistachio, Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Strawberry, Vegan Vanilla, or Vegan Coconut.


3. Go Avocado Wild at Guaca-Go

Avocado is a perennial favorite among the plant-based set. If you can’t get enough of this superfruit (yep, it’s a fruit!), hurry up and visit Guaca Go. This vendor describes itself as a “purveyor of fresh, made-to-order guacamole bowls.” 

But really, there’s so much more to enjoy. They’ve got guacamole, guac bowls, salads, avocado toast, and even avocado smoothies. Many of the options on the menu can be personalized to your plant-based preferences. 

4. Vegan Tacos, Anyone?

Vote For Pedro is one of the most interesting taco shops in the nation! This NYC original recently opened a Delray Beach Market outpost, and vegans are raving about their innovative plant-based options. 

Popular favorites? Jackfruit Veggie Tacos, featuring BBQ-style jackfruit with mango cabbage slaw, as well as the “Peace Out” Mex Salad, made with roasted corn, black beans, tomato, red onion, romaine, cucumber, tortilla strips, and honey lime dressing.

5. Indian With a Twist 

At Tiffin Box, you can choose your own plant-based adventure.

You choose from bases, proteins, and sides to create a bowl or wrap with all of your favorite Indian flavors. Plenty of the options are plant-based, making it easy to create the vegan Indian creation of your dreams. 

6. Believe the Dream … Buddha Brats! 

While sausage joint Alpine 210 might seem like an unlikely destination for the vegan set, they’ve got an incredible plant-based option on the menu — the Buddha Brat. It features a Beyond Meat sausage brat, vegan American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and secret burger sauce. Plus, it’s connected to Delray Craft, and beer is typically vegan, too! 

You’re Getting Very Hungry…

Even the staunchest of meat eaters will be tempted by the creative and delicious plant-based fare at Delray Beach Market.

See for yourself how delicious our offerings are — head to Delray Beach Market today. These are but a few of the many healthy, vibrant, and delicious plant-based options available at the market. Have fun exploring!  

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